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Doors are one of the most important elements of the house. They decide about its character and ensure its appropriate presentation. We are trying to meet today’s architectural and construction requirements and this is why we want to ensure a rich offer to our Clients. We offer:

Front PVC doors – various profile colors, practically unlimited construction possibilities, a possibility of choosing different fillings make that you can create the desired finish of your house in accordance with your taste and plan. At the same time, we ensure doors of high degree of security and protection against noise and unfavorable weather conditions for your comfort. A multi-chamber construction of the depth equal to 70 mm and application of a doorstep with a thermo-insulating fold makes it possible for our doors to have very good thermal insulation parameters. Big reinforcing chambers make it possible to use reinforcements guaranteeing appropriate static and durability parameters. A low doorstep ensures comfort entering and leaving the house. We also offer doors in the version without doorstep. The front doors which we offer can be opened inside or outside.

In the version A, the door sash is 120 mm high. We use closed reinforcements in them – closed in the frame and in the sash. The way of opening: handle/handle, handle/handrail, handrail/handrail. In the version B, the door sash is about 105 mm high. Opened reinforcements are used in here. The way of opening: handle/handle.